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Don’t overlook your staircases! Stairs are an extension of your floors, and often need to provide a seamless transition from the flooring of one room to that of the next.

Lifetime Floors offers materials and installation services for these essential requirements, along with consultation services for selecting the perfect staircase for your unique interior.

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood flooring is real wood—the difference is that it consists of two or more layers of wood adhered to one another. Each layer of wood is carefully selected and arranged to produce a plank with exceptional stability, while remaining more affordable than a solid hardwood board. Engineered wood flooring is also very well suited for central or underfloor heating systems due to its resistance to expansion and contraction cycles.

Because the top layer of our engineered wood flooring is in fact a real hardwood material, you can expect all the beauty and unique variations present in oak, walnut, and other woods. We have a wide selection of finishes available to match your interior.


Hardwood flooring brings the beauty and durability of the natural world indoors. Natural variations in the wood make each floor as unique as you are, and Lifetime Floors carefully selects our boards to ensure that even with this variability, each floor is harmonious as a whole.


The oak tree is a timeless symbol of strength and endurance, and this reliability can be extended to oak products due to the high density of oak wood. While there are numerous varieties of oak with various color and grain characteristics, you can trust that Lifetime Floors offers the finest choices for your home or business.

Lighter selections such as washed or brushed oak, along with rustic oak, are reminiscent of the sunlight that nourishes these majestic trees, and will brighten any room they are in.- Antique oak offers a more traditional feel, with colors like chocolate and copper to enrich the room—perfect for a study or library.

If you need assistance with selecting the right oak flooring to match your interior, we also offer consultation services backed by our years of experience in hardwood flooring.


The walnut tree is quite hardy, resilient against drought and producing a dense, tight-grained wood. Walnut wood has been highly valued by woodworkers for centuries due to its unique color, hardness, and grain. This beautiful wood is used in fine furniture, cabinetry, and wood carvings, and veneers sliced from walnut burl are a signature feature of many high end automobiles.

Due to walnut wood's hardness and density, you can count on it as a fine choice in flooring for years. With its deep chocolate shading, walnut flooring provides a warm and sophisticated look to any interior.


Bamboo, although technically a grass, has become a quite popular choice for flooring due to its bright color and reputation for environmental sustainability. Bamboo grows very quickly, making it an exceptionally renewable material; some varieties can grow over three feet in a single day!

When many people think of bamboo, they often think of a very light product that bends easily. However, the varieties of bamboo and the manufacturing techniques used to produce our flooring result in a material with strength and durability comparable to more traditional materials such as oak and walnut. In fact, strand woven bamboo flooring provides a material that is rated over 2x - 3x as hard as the benchmark standard white oak.


Our laminate flooring is produced with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to offer a strong, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting floor with the authentic beauty of wood while remaining affordable for virtually any budget.

With numerous finish and grain choices matching the color and feel of oak and pine, you and your guests will be hard-pressed to distinguish our beautiful laminate flooring from an all-wood product.

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