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About Vitaly

My name is Vitaliy Butov and I was born in Lutsk, Ukraine. In my early years, I worked closely with my father and uncle on home improvements specifically working with wood and carpentry. My uncle was a skilled carpenter and taught me much of what I know now about woodworking and carpentry.  In 1997, my family and I took the opportunity to leave the Ukraine and move to the United States. Soon after moving to the US, I took my first job working as a hardwood flooring installer. I worked as a hardwood flooring installer until 2005 where I was able to master the trade. This experience opened up the opportunity to start my own hardwood flooring company that specializes in finishing, sending, and installing wood floors into clients homes and businesses.

As a businessman, it is very important to me that my clients are educated on specific products, styles, and more in order to make the right purchase decisions. To me, there is nothing more important than creating a good client experience and exceeding client expectations. Because of this, I have been considering opening an online store that allows my clients shop different types of wood flooring, read information about various wood flooring, and communicate questions with me.

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